Travel Teaches: Inspirations Lies Everywhere


We probably only look out for the perfect shot when we are vacationing in a land far away. We look for the perfect sunrise on mountains and the picturesque sun setting behind the line where the sky meets the sea. We have talked about the crystal clear blue skies of the Pacifics or the Indian Ocean Island! But probably at the end of the day, we’ve forgotten to look around at our immediate surroundings and realize that beauty lies everywhere, in the very mundane of places and things – all that we need is to open our eyes and minds to appreciate it!

Such was a day yesterday. I was riding down to office, a usual day, fighting my demons to face one more dreadful work-loaded weekday, and as far as you can see, all that you see is a packed road making even the journey terrible! I sit in the car, spending all the bitcoins of my patience on the traffic lights, waiting for them to turn green and cursing how bad a regular workday in B’lore can be. The endless wait makes me wonder about options and having nothing else to do, I casually scroll on the phone to see the usual updates, get fed up and keep the phone down to look up – only to find that the traffic has still not moved an inch.

Suddenly, my eyes chance upon the bright sunny sky that made it’s way to show itself through the chunk of the windshield and lo!! There she is, all decked up in her favorite blue gown and the lovely white, furry shrug that she hadn’t worn for long. Today is her happy day and every bit of her seems to be determined to spreading the happiness into all who look up to her. I, smilingly, and with a sudden spring of joy in my heart, let her fill me with all the glee she has to offer, and realize that it’s the same her that we see everywhere – all that we need are the eyes and a heart to help her stay clean, coz once that’s done, she doesn’t differentiate between her appearances in the Europes or the Pacifics or in Bangalore!



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