Chandroma’s travel and life tales on earth, till I set foot on Mars :) happy reading!

Tso Morori, Ladakh

Someone once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates..u never know what’s gonna come up.” It’s this unpredictability that excites me the most.. It’s the various chocolates that I get to taste, the people that I get to know, the experiences that I happen to have.. probably that’s what makes life worth living to it’s fullest..

Someone once sang, “little boxes made of ticky tacky, and they all look just the same” How true these words are! It’s this notion that makes me feel so much like any other person around.. just one of them..

Someone once said a thing or two about “Poems and prayers and promises”.. I feel my journey so far has been a wonderfully written poem with all sorts of rhymes thrown in. Without a doubt, I have made enough of prayers and more than what I expected, have been answered, no complains on the un-answered ones, I can afford this compromise. I have made way too many promises without caring about the weight they carry, kept a lot, broke more, but still people haven’t stopped loving me..

Someone once said “Travelling, it leaves you speechless… and then turns you to a story teller” That explains why I am here, to share my wander tales, tales of the little things that leave me dumb-founded, the million notions that are broken, the mistakes that teach me a lesson but more than anything else, to urge and inspire people to travel, to know the world that awaits outside the comfort zone, with a smile and arms wide open.

This is me, my life, my world, not full of philosophies, but thoughts that spell simplicity, thoughts that rhyme with joy, thoughts that surround me with happiness and make me fall in love with life and its thousand and one colors that I experience with each passing moment.

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