Rantings of a Rainy Afternoon

On a cloudy day by the window of my room back in Kolkata, I was reading Oprah Winfrey’s book What I Know For Sure. Page 181 reads “One day not long ago it rained for four hours straight. A steady downpour, and “then suddenly it stopped. Wow! Everything—trees, fences, sky—was luminescent. For me, nature is one great big wow after another, and sometimes its smallest offerings are the ones that open my soul to its splendor….”

Before I complete the para it starts raining incessantly. I stare out of the window and think of the days during my childhood when I spent hours just staring at the rain, how happy rainy days used to make me. Nature and rain have a strange way of healing, of reminding how happiness lies in the smallest pleasures of life.

Here’s to the onset of yet another monsoon of my life, of a promise to hold on to life even when it enveloped with the darkest clouds, of reminding myself that the darkest clouds bring the most beautiful rains. And I will forever dance and drench myself in the beauty of the rains.


One response to “Rantings of a Rainy Afternoon”

  1. It’s all so lush green in the pics. I love them

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