Wandering at Wonderla: A short day trip from Bangalore

For people living in Bangalore, there is no dearth of places to visit just over the weekend – be it beaches or the tea and coffee plantations or the silent riverside resorts. But what if you’ve got only a day to spare and are still hungry for some fun and relaxation at the same time? The Wonderla Resort is probably your best bet to satiate the hunger. Read on to know why.

Getting there is not much of a hassle if you have your own car and don’t want to miss out on the fun of driving on, well, relatively emptier, Bangalore roads on a weekend morning. For those who prefer the bus, there are BMTC buses ferrying upto Wonderla and to have one more reason to opt for buses, there is a discount to the entry of Wonderla on showing your BMTC ticket. Click here to know more.

The Wonderla resort comes on your right as you enter the Wonderla campus. Covered in white with bright colours thrown here and there gives the property a very simple yet suave look. It’s probably not as glittery as other resorts are but once you settle in, you realize why it is unique in its own way and not in a competition with others. See for yourself.


The Wonderla Resorts management has thoughtfully prepared 3 different packages to cater to the variety of travelers. Have a look at their packages and I’m sure you would find one that suits you.


The Day Package at the Resort includes enjoying all resort facilities, Lunch, Hi –Tea and complementary Park entry for half a day to enjoy thrilling rides and the water park.


Hate driving down after a fun day at Wonderland? Opt for this package this package that includes one night stay in the Executive room with breakfast, access to all resort facilities and two tickets to the park .


The two nights package includes 2-nights stay in the Executive room with breakfast, access to all resort facilities and ofcourse complimentary entry to the Park.

Although we had initially planned to go for the 1 Night package as that perfectly suited our need but unfortunately had to choose the 1 Day package as we had to return to the city on the same day. As it turned out, the 1 Day package was a perfect choice to help us have the best of both high adrenaline fun at the Amusement Park and relaxation at the Wonderla Resort.

The stay started with the courteous staff at the reception receiving us and explaining all about the package in detail. After a quick check-in at our room on the 3rd floor, we headed for breakfast at their in-house restaurant Woods. It’s a sumptuous spread and I would ask you to exercise caution in restraining yourself from the temptation to go for it all in case you are headed to the Amusement park immediately after – the rides really churn you like anything so a full stomach is the perfect recipe for disaster – if you know what I mean!! You can choose to dine in or by the pool if you wish and the staff is happy to arrange as per your wish.

The first thing that takes your breath away about the Executive Room that we stayed in is the amazing view from the room – the famous giant wheel of Wonderla visible over the foliage is a sight to hold on to for a while. And it only gets better by the night. Have a look for yourself.

A simple room, with bright colours adding to the vibrancy and aesthetically placed paintings, immediately makes you feel home. The bathroom is clean and comes with a shower section. The room has a safe to keep your valuables secured while you are away.

We decided to head straight for the Amusement Park after the breakfast and the reception arranged for a drop. It’s a walkable distance though. The good part about the Day package is that you have a special entrance and hence can avoid the really long queues to the park.

The Amusement Park is sprawling across acres and one is spoilt for choices for sure. With a range that varies from the dry rides like the first of its kind – Recoil, the Flash tower, Insanity to the wet rides like the Boomerang, Fun Racers and the Twisters, there’s certainly a ride for every one. My personal favourite though was the Lazy River so much so that I rode it twice back to back – all that you need to do is just sit back and relax and the river takes you in its own stride!! There are garment stores and RFID lockers for rent so do not worry if you’ve forgotten to carry your own costumes.

After a fun filled couple of hours at the park, we decided to head back to the resort and the pick-up got arranged in no time. The punctuality amazed me, really. Once back at the resort, and damn hungry from the exhaustion of the rides, we grabbed a heavy lunch at the Woods once again. The food is really worth a mention as we’ve seldom seen a good quality in restaurants of resorts serving a buffet lunch. The staff at Woods is extremely cordial and makes every attempt to cater to your special needs, if any.

We hadn’t felt the need for a room as much as we started feeling now after the heavy lunch. Back to room and after having a warm bath, the cozy bed was all that we needed to get some much needed sleep. This was our second time to the Wonderla and by the end of the day, we knew that we had made a good choice this time by choosing the 1 Day package that ensures you get some rest post the thrill in the park.

Post our long siesta, we decided to take a walk around the property. The resort has a well equipped gym for the fitness conscious, a fun corner for the children, a recreational area with air hockey and billiard boards, bicycles for hire and a large banquet room for business and personal events. Not to forget the giant pool and the lounge beds on the ground floor which is a perfect means to spend some quiet time at the resort.

The Hi-Tea was simple, with tea and cookies and samosa for snacks. Sitting by the poolside, enjoying the colors of the setting sun, we had a wonderful time reminiscing about the day well spent.

The Wonderla Resort and the Amusement park is such a wonderful place to spend a day with friends and family that is only miles away from the main city of Bangalore. The resort is simple and promising and just what you need to unwind a bit after an exhausting day at the park. Definitely worth a stay and every penny worth of the price that they charge.

If you are reading this and wish to visit wonderla you can get a 15% discount using Offer code WONDERLARESORTBANGALORE15 and providing the same on the Phone number – +91 99 4550 0011


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