Pic of the Week @Himalayan Talkies

Given the procrastinator I am, I never took the effort of clicking pics on DSLRs even when I was traveling to the exotic Ladakh or Kashmir. But I have always loved clicking and being clicked and done that in the easiest way possible, on my simple phone cameras, using the limited features it gives us!

Photo Blog: The Doors of India

Doors, in my eyes, have always had an aura of mystery around themselves! The thrill of stepping into the unknown not knowing what lies beyond, or sometimes an inward journey, a known journey towards our comfort zone, our homes, and at times journeys, away from home, they have always had a story to tell! Through … Continue reading Photo Blog: The Doors of India

Blissful Babli: The not so known Weekend Escapade from Kolkata

Miles away from the hustle and bustle of the polluted city life, there is this little abode of Peace, “BABLI” where nothing but silence speaks. Situated around 12 kms away from Tagore’s Shantiniketan on Bolpur-Illambazar Road, Babli offers you a perfect rural experience where you will be once more convinced that Living is still possible … Continue reading Blissful Babli: The not so known Weekend Escapade from Kolkata

Photo Feature @OnePlus Official Insta Page

Happy to share my Second Photo Feature at OnePlus Official Instagram Page. About the Picture: A quite afternoon by the Tap Moriri in Ladakh after a long drive. We saw the changing colors of the lake. There were hues of blue all over right after the sunset, when the picture was captured. The water of Tso Moriri … Continue reading Photo Feature @OnePlus Official Insta Page

Oh So Kashid!! (via Pune)

  I have been hearing stories about Kashid since 2008, when my “best” half traveled here for the first time. And he so wanted me to visit the place with him. And after 6 years of hearing innumerable stories, the sea finally gave a call. It was the Independence Weekend. Our bags were packed and we headed Pune!! … Continue reading Oh So Kashid!! (via Pune)

Bekal Fort: The Lesser Explored Beauty of Kerala

When we talk about Kerala, we talk about the lush green tea estates of Munnar, the serenity of Backwaters of Alleppy or beauty of the coffee fields of Wayanad or maybe the Forests of Periyar. But there is much more to “God’s Own Country”, one such beauty that has probably been least explored in Kerala … Continue reading Bekal Fort: The Lesser Explored Beauty of Kerala

Amazing Andamans: 50 Shades of Blue!!

50 Shades of Grey might have made for all the erotica and stuff that titillates. Just in case you would have thought of giving nature a chance, to titillate, not with erotica but ‘exotic’a (wish there was a word such),  and with a slightly different hue, say blue, the Andamans would have jumped at the … Continue reading Amazing Andamans: 50 Shades of Blue!!

Travel Postcards by Tripoto

  Thank you Tripoto for making this beautiful compilation of travel postcards from travelers around the world. I am even more glad that you made one for me 🙂    You spark Wanderlust in me every moment! I am so much in love with you 🙂 Thank you 🙂   Readers see their entire compilation at Tripoto … Continue reading Travel Postcards by Tripoto

The "Beachy" Trip!! Maravanthe.. Malpe.. St Mary’s Island.. Kaup..

Anniversaries are that time of the year when we hate to stay at home or work and go for a cliched dinner!!   And given the travel freaks we are, any occasion is an added excuse to head places!!   We just had two days in hand.. And Beach in mind..   I had heard … Continue reading The "Beachy" Trip!! Maravanthe.. Malpe.. St Mary’s Island.. Kaup..