Travel Teaches: The Promise of Life

Life, as we all know in our own ways, is a strange thing - both the presence and absence of it. As I was basking in the joy of the 'presence' of it doing what I love most, traveling, I was hit with the 'absence' bit - I lost my father. That was life showing … Continue reading Travel Teaches: The Promise of Life

Rantings #4: Lessons from an Old Man

Maumere.. a nice little sleepy town of Flores! The sea calm, it's an off season with absolutely no tourist and its raining on patches.. an empty beach with a couple of Germans and an English couple roaming around! I don't think I've ever had a vacation more filled with the quietness of solitude than this … Continue reading Rantings #4: Lessons from an Old Man

Blogger Recognition Award

It was a double surprise, when two fellow bloggers nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Gabby of militarymamasfarmhouse and Jess of  travelsofababy-vet , you girls took me by surprise  and Thank You for all the love you showered on my blog. A big Thank You for all the love. What is the Blogger Recognition Award? The Blogger Recognition … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

5 Ways to Explore Fort Kochi in a Day

Fort Kochi is often overlooked in run of the mill Kerala trips or at max treated as a stopover while visiting the Munnars and Alleppys of Kerala. But Kerala has much more than beautiful backwaters or the lush green tea estates and Fort Kochi is one such gem of a charmer, a quaint little town … Continue reading 5 Ways to Explore Fort Kochi in a Day

Travel Teaches: Patience

Travel teaches you things that probably no other experience in life does! One of the many things it taught me is PATIENCE! Patience to look out of the window and enjoy the view when I was all hassled because the train was 5 hours late, patience to listen to a regular life story of a … Continue reading Travel Teaches: Patience

6 Quick Tips to Manage Travelling with a Full Time Job

I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked "How do you manage to travel so much with a full time job?" or "Share tips on travelling with full time job" and all such. To all these I smile and say, to make travel to happen all you need is enthusiasm … Continue reading 6 Quick Tips to Manage Travelling with a Full Time Job

Rantings #2: The Giant Void

Day number two in New York and an afternoon to myself gives me the perfect opportunity to roam around the WTC with no such agenda in mind. Needless to say that there's this obvious excitement to see the WTC, one of the tallest man made structures whose tryst with the destiny shook the entire world. … Continue reading Rantings #2: The Giant Void

My Liebster Award Nomination

Thank you very much to Joe Travel Blogs for nominating me for this.  You have a neat and simple blog with lots of wonderful pictures from some of my dream destinations. The Liebster award is a fun way to recognize blogs. The rules are quite simple: You need to thank the person who gave you the award … Continue reading My Liebster Award Nomination

Delhi: The food Utopia

If you are a Foodie, Delhi is the place to BE!! It is paradise of varieties, with cuisines made for every taste. Whether it is Mughlai grandeur, street foods or cuisines around the world, Delhi is up for all. Each gully of Delhi has a story of gastronomic fame, offering the flavors of and a … Continue reading Delhi: The food Utopia

Gili Air: A Procrastinator’s Paradise

Picture a small, no, a tiny island.. put a bunch of people in there as if they were born to smile and "halo" at you.. scatter a few cafes and spas here and there, place colorful bean bags along the white sandy beach, try to fill the gaps wherever you want with a dive shop … Continue reading Gili Air: A Procrastinator’s Paradise