Musings on a wintry night

Meet me in the shallows,
Where I am swaying my soul to your whims,
Dancing to the noises,
Drinking from the barrels,
Shattering the earth with my laughter
At the lamest of jokes that you have.
Behaving. Just as you had wanted.

Meet me not in the depths of the caves hidden away from the light,
For there’s a darkness that will blind your eyes,
For there’s a silence that has drowned a million unwept cries.
For the stillness has veiled a thousand storms,
For that smell of death is of dreams and hopes died just after they were born.

But if you do,

I hope you sit by my side,
Looking at the small fire that I managed to light
From the few logs that I managed to find
And the little of heat that I had left inside.
I hope you take in the coldness that fills the air,
And wait without waiting for the wait to end,
For there is no sun that yields a sword to the night that reigns in here undefeated.
Not a word spoken, yet not a sigh gone unheard,
Take my trembling little finger when I move it across the sand to reach yours,
For if you hold it with a little warmth, I can light up love out of it
And outshine the darkness in some time.

And if you still hold me strong,

Meet me on the other side of my world,
It is an eternal spring that blooms in there
For you will find the little fairy, lost in the daisies she plucks with her tiny buttery fingers
Humming and dancing to the tune she just wrote on her own,
Swinging her plaits in joy unbound,
Drinking from the streams that are as pure as her dreams,
For she’s a sight to behold,
For she’s the truth to be told,

To the world that has put a dagger in the heart of faith
And hope
And joy
And love.


  1. Manideepa Ghose says:

    Wonderful sentiments and beautiful writing.


  2. Elma says:

    How deep is this! I’m at a loss for words. Beautiful ♥️🥰


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