Rantings #4: Lessons from an Old Man

Maumere.. a nice little sleepy town of Flores! The sea calm, it’s an off season with absolutely no tourist and its raining on patches.. an empty beach with a couple of Germans and an English couple roaming around! I don’t think I’ve ever had a vacation more filled with the quietness of solitude than this 🙂

I sit by this calm sea, chilled beer and an amazing baked fish to pamper my tongue! I overhear this elderly English couple speaking about life, about travelling the world.. I go against my principle and overhear them, only to enrich myself and reinstate how little I still know about life! And if I start writing here it will be a post that will make you lose your patience (if already it hasn’t ;)!

I would rather end it with the words the old man just said: “this sea was blue when I came here 5 years back and today when I see it, it’s grey. Maybe the next time i come, I’ll get to see a different shade. But I still love keeping coming back to it. Just makes me realize how much we learn to love something even though it has changed color, cause you realize it’s not the colour but the actual thing or the person that you love, and this teaches you to be patient in whomever or whatsoever you love. Its about how about keep adjusting your eyes so that it always sees the happiest colours”

Here’s the view we are drowned in at the moment!

Serenity thy name is Maumere!


One response to “Rantings #4: Lessons from an Old Man”

  1. Omg! What a brilliant piece Chandroma. Beautiful rantings! Fits right in.


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