Rantings #2: The Giant Void

Day number two in New York and an afternoon to myself gives me the perfect opportunity to roam around the WTC with no such agenda in mind.

Needless to say that there’s this obvious excitement to see the WTC, one of the tallest man made structures whose tryst with the destiny shook the entire world. But as I approach the tower, the One World Trade Center, there’s something else that catches my attention and draws me towards it – a giant square hole. And even without looking at any information board next to it, you perfectly know what it is, for the innumerable names carved on the black stone around it and the occasional white roses on them and the blank stares of someone who lost someone on that day and the endless fall of water into the deep, unfathomable hole – all tell you the silent tales of the giant void that was left behind. It cruelly tells you of the helpless void that death leaves behind in its trail, where all the dreams you had just flow down, down into an oblivion, to such depths from where there’s no return. As a mere visitor who was miles away from the scene on that day, all that I could offer was my silence, and prayers.

But then, America stands for hope, and firmness in its resolution to overcome the grief that bogs it down, and the One World Trade Center standing right next to this giant void left of its predecessor, boldly bears testimony to this American virtue. Stronger the storm, stronger we stand.


The hopeless stare
The giant void
Only a memory
Rising from the ashes

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