Delhi: The food Utopia

If you are a Foodie, Delhi is the place to BE!! It is paradise of varieties, with cuisines made for every taste. Whether it is Mughlai grandeur, street foods or cuisines around the world, Delhi is up for all. Each gully of Delhi has a story of gastronomic fame, offering the flavors of and a passion for food that has been shaped over centuries, pampered foodies like us for decades.Thank you dear friends Sibendu Das and Suman Nath for being my food guide. I have shared my favorites in this post from the trip. 


Delhi, I will come back over and over again to try newer tastes, undiscovered gullys and much more to pamper my taste Buds.


Start your day with Lamb : Cooked for over 12 hours in slow flame with lots of spices and goat leg-bones, nihari along with khameri roti is an amazing start to the day for a foodie. One of the best made Nihari is found in Karims, Opposite Gate no 1 of Jumma Masjid.


Mutton Korma @Khan Chacha at Caunnaught Place


Galuti Kebab @Rajindar Dhaba at Safdarjung Enclave


Chicken Satay @Rajindar Dhaba at Safdarjung Enclave



Kakori Kebab!! at Alkauser at Safdarjuncg Enclave.


Mutton Shammi Kebab @Al Jawahar Restaurant


Kashmiri Cuisine with fruit beer for lunch!! Yakni and Mirchi Korma it was!!


Shirmal – Sweetened Paranthas!!


Our Dinner Spread at Mughal Darbaar at JNU


Those in JNU swear by the food at Mughal Darbar!!

What we Tasted: Afghan Chicken, Mutton Sheek kebab, Mutton stew, Mutton Jahangiri

Parahthe Wale Gali is over hyped!! If you want to taste some of best Paranthas of Delhi, try the paratha stall just opposite Moolchand Metro Station!! 

Dried Chilli Pork Ribs @ Dilli Haat (The Nagaland Stall)


Go for the kebabs at Babu Bhai Kebab Wale, the blink-and-you-miss eatery near a small mosque on Matia Mahal Street on your way to Chitli Qabar ( the road straight down opposite Gate no.1 of Jumma Masjid ). Somewhere at your knee level you will find a man grilling these buffalo-meat kebabs. They are so soft that they have to be held together by tying a thread around, earning them the name moniker dora or sutli kebab.
Pork Momo @ Nagaland Stall at Dilli Haat



Mutton Burra Kebab @ Al Jawahar


Mutton Stew @Al Jawahar


Chicken Tikka Kebab @ Khan Chacha

5 responses to “Delhi: The food Utopia”

  1. I want to try every single one of these things!!!


  2. Such mouthwatering pics!!!! Wow.


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  4. […] in Paris. I took the cue from a sweet lady and fellow blogger, Chandroma, where she describes her Delhi Food Tour. It’s a great […]


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